Why Indigo? 

Every culture & region in the world has its own indigo dyeing art practices. Let us connect with each other through this magical plant we all share?




Marked as a dark blue shade on the map




Marked as a mid-tone blue shade on the map


isatis tinctoria

Marked as a light-tone blue shade on the map

Grayscale Flower Photo Mother's Day Inst

Special indigo

Marked as a green shade on the map

This is how the Indigo Shade Map Works!

Each blue icon in the map represents the three major indigo species:

- Indigofera tinctoria (African & Tropical Indigo)

- Polygonum tinctorium (Japanese, Jjok & Asian Indigo)

- Isatis tinctoria (Woad)


We've recently found other special plants used as indigo that have not been categorized under the major three listed above and are marked on the map as "Special Indigo" with a green icon.  

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Indigo Shade Map was made via mapme.com
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