This Mini Indigo & Soy Kit includes:


Mini indigo vat kit

- Indigo Powder (50g)

- Lime (100g)

- Fructose (150)


Soy flour paste kit

- Soy flour (20g)

- Lime (20g)

- a piece of cotton fabric

- a piece of silk fabric

- two pieces of polyester films for stencil prep


* a printed instruction with illustration is included in this kit

The indigo dyed pouch is an example of utilizing the soy paste to create pattern/illustration on fabric with indigo dyeing. Each pouch is hand-dyed with natural indigo.


All profits will be used for supporting our magazine production that includes researches, collaborations with BIPOC/Individual artists, language translation fees, materials, printing costs, and etc.  Thank you for your support!

Mini Indigo & Soy Kit