A Stitched Shibori & Indigo Dye Workshop Kit

This is a workshop kit for an online workshop "Shibori & Indigo Dye Workshop at Visarts on February 28, 2021.

This workshop kit includes the following items:


1) Ingredients for Indigo Sugar vat:

- 50g natural indigo powder

- 100g Lime powder (Calcium hydroxide)

- 150g Fructose Sugar

- Disposable gloves

2) Stitch Shibori supplies:

- Two embroidery needles

- Cotton threads 

- Cotton and Silk fabrics (one of each)

* A printed instruction of the sugar vat making will be included in the kit.

All orders will be shipped between the first and second week of February!

* Everything is prepared by hands and limited items so we do not provide a return policy. Thank you for understanding!

* A shipping fee is included in the price


Visarts Workshop Kits: A Shibori Class for February