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About the Indigo Shade Map

Connecting the World with Blue Shade

Indigo Shade Map is an interactive infographic map originally created by artist and grower, Rosa Sung Ji Chang, in 2016, then re-developed in the spring of 2020. This initiative started as a way to map the use of three different kinds of indigo grown around the world, Indigofera tinctoria, Polygonum tinctorium, and Woad. Each indigo plant is marked with a corresponding shade of blue on the map. Indigo dye is an ancient dye found in textile traditions practiced by various cultures around the world. The main purpose of the Indigo Shade Map is to show how one particular natural dye is still widely and continuously practiced today. Each indigo plant visually looks very different and grows in diverse climates and regions. Although these plants contain “blue pigments” in their leaves, each shade produced is different. These powerful plants weave together many lives and peoples in complex textile history to better connect one another.

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