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Indigo Shade Map serves as an...


Preserving Tradition through Storytelling

This archive documents the rich history and use of Indigo, a plant whose influence spans across continents and centuries. The map aims to act as resource to educate and preserve the intricate threads of indigo's migration, from its ancient origins to its global influence and impact. 


Documenting the History and Migration of Indigo

On the Map blog aims to offer a platform that weaves together the past, present, and future applications of indigo into a living narrative. By inviting individuals who are not just preserving, but actively breathing life into indigo's legacy, we get a glimpse into indigo’s diverse uses seeded in tradition across time and cultures.


Building Community between Artistry and Nature

From knowledgeable experts and skilled artisans to dedicated growers, and community leaders, these passionate individuals play a vital role in bridging traditions and contemporary uses. Indigo Shade Map serves as a collective of people aiming to not only preserve this plant but also ensure that its vibrant hues continue to inspire and shape future generations.


Fostering the Future of this plant through Learning

Rosa is a dedicated studio artist and natural dye educator.  She is actively involved in group exhibitions and educational initiatives.  We aim to educate those interested in learning more about indigo through online workshops, panels, books, at-home kits, and our living archive (the map)!

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