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Mini Indigo Pigment Extraction Process from Rosa's Indigo Sketchbook

Indigo Sketchbook

Indigo Sketchbook is an ongoing visual journal by Rosa Sung Ji Chang showing a process of growing Japanese indigo plants from seeds to the dye a piece of fabric. More pages with illustration from Indigo sketchbook are available via Rosa's art page / Creative Studio

Bonus track: How to make Makgeolli the Korean Traditional Rice Wine at Home

Rice wine has been used as a bacteria/sugar source for the fermenting indigo vat in Korea, Japan, and other East Asia regions. I tried to make my own Makgeolli last summer and a photo documentation of each step is here. I noticed that some YouTube channels also introduce the instruction of how to make Makgeolli. I'm sharing a video instruction of how to make Makgeolli by a well-known Korean-American cooking channels Maangchi here.

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